Your personal data and funds are a top security priority at GTCM.

Below are guidelines and tips to help you keep your data and finances secure online.


Phishing Emails

Fraudsters may obtain your personal information by impersonating GTCM. Watch out for suspicious emails where the domains appear similar to the official source. These emails often contain spelling mistakes or improper formatting. Be aware of such inaccurate or masked email addresses, especially when they refer to personal email domains such as Gmail/Hotmail. These email domains are easy to set up and should be treated with extreme caution. Make sure that you verify the contact independently and never disclose your personal data if you are not sure of the authenticity.

Fraudulent Websites

Fraudsters may claim to represent GTCM and direct you to a ‘clone’ website of GTCM where they may give you their own phone number and other contact details for you to communicate with them.

Fraudsters may also use the Company’s details, registrations and license info on their website to trick you into thinking that you are dealing with an authorized and regulated company.

Such websites would most likely have inaccurate domain names, where fraudsters have misspelt or wrongly worded the company name. The GTCM official website was created several years ago.  Make sure that you verify the authenticity of a website, if a website was created recently (a few months ago) it is a good indicator that it is the product of fraudsters. You can use free online tools that are readily available to quickly check the age of the website.

The GTCM website has the secure https protocol and the secure padlock icon  in the URL bar, that means that there is a ‘secure’ browsing mode, and that it is a trusted site and that any communications with the server are encrypted.

Fraudsters may copy images, logos or content from the GTCM website in order to duplicate/clone GTCM’s website. In general, all reputable and legitimate companies would have dedicated sections such as the ‘contact us’, the ‘about us’, the ‘privacy policy’ etc. whereas in duplicate/clone websites these sections might be missing or not fully elaborated.

You should avoid engaging in any kind of communication with copycat/clone websites. Make sure that you engage with the official website of GTCM:

Advance-Fee Fraud

Fraudsters may contact GTCM clients or ex-clients and claim that they can recoup money lost in trading. The fraudsters may impersonate or forge the documents of reputable banks, credit recovery agencies, authorities or even the Company’s documents in order to make you believe that by paying an upfront fee/ commission to them, it will lead to GTCM reimbursing you with large amounts of money.

Pay close attention to such practices and to any suspicious documentation sent and NEVER pay any money upfront to any party before confirming their validity.

Disclosing Data

Never share your password details or sensitive account information with anyone and regularly change your password(s) using complex combinations. Password hacking is one of the easiest ways for fraudsters to access your personal information without your consent and knowledge.

Viruses and Malware

Do not download files or programs from unknown sources to any of your devices. Malicious malware and viruses can send information from your device or change transaction details in order to steal your identity or funds.

Important Information

The Company’s Contact Information details are readily available on our website here.

The Company’s banking payment details are readily available on our website here.

The Company’s Social Media Presence can be found here.

Report a Suspicion

Immediately report any suspicious activity to and the local police.

Contact us if you notice any unauthorized transactions in your account or suspect that a third party may have access to your account information.