Margin Close-Out Rule: Re-Open up to 75% Volume

I, the Client, hereby instruct the Company to apply the below Margin Close-Out (MCO) Rule to my trading account.

When MCO is triggered all my open positions will automatically be closed and re-opened up to 75% volume. This action will be repeated at any time MCO is triggered and may be repeated until all open positions are re-opened up to 75% volume. In case of insufficient margin, a position may be re-opened with less than 75% volume, or may not be re-opened at all.

In case of any existing Stop Loss or Take Profit, the new related position will have the same rate(s). I am fully aware that in case the market moves too fast and there is a requote, the system may not re-open the relevant position. In case MCO is triggered and the symbol of a position is out of market hours, then the position will not be re-opened.

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